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  2. Art’s healing power

    Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

    Australia Network’s Nexus program is featuring a story on Geraldine Cox and some of the children from Sunrise’s Fine Arts School on this Friday’s program (November 30, 2007).  Geraldine and the children visited Australia earlier this year and performed traditional music and dance in some of the country’s best theatres. 

    The idea for a Fine Arts School followed the trauma of a 1997 military coup - Geraldine sought advice from a pyschologist about how to ease the fears of the children who had witnessed their home and carers at Sunrise Orphanage face armed militia trying to reclaim what was once a military barracks.  "We had soldiers with machine guns and tanks and everything running around the land, trying to shoot us off the property," says Geraldine.

    The advice was to get the children involved in music and dance and any kind of art form and the fine arts school has fostered a powerful means of both healing and cultural expression.

    We’ve added this Nexus video story to Geraldine’s achievers page, and you can also find the full transcript and English learning component on our Nexus site.  To find out when to watch Nexus visit the Nexus home page and set your location.

    Let us know what you think about the story and if you’ve experienced the healing power of art and music.

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