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  2. Reflecting on 2007?

    Thursday, December 20th, 2007

    The end of the year is always a time for reflection, especially if you are on holiday and are spending time catching up with your family and friends.

    Its often when we have to answer the question ’so what have you been up to?’ that we start to think about what we have achieved for the past year.

    Thinking back or reflection is an important component of learning and many universities regard it as an essential study skill.  It’s also an important life skill.

    In a brochure about reflection, the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh says:  "the more we reflect consciously, and make time to do it, the more reflection can become a useful habit that guides and informs what we do next."

    The University says reflection or deep thinking involves a mixture of elements such as:

    1. Making sense of experience
    2. ‘Standing back’
    3. Repetition
    4. Deeper honesty
    5. ‘Weighing up’
    6. Clarity
    7. Understanding
    8. Making judgements

    So how are you going to reflect on your past year? Look at the advice from the Queen Margaret University brochure and your answer to ’so what have you been up to?’ may help you plot your course for 2008!

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  3. Brain food

    Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

    Does the food we eat effect how the brain works? Can the right food help you concentrate, keep you motivated, enhance memory, speed reaction times and minimise stress?

    Evidence is accumulating that a diet that draws heavily on fatty food and only lightly on fruits and vegetables isn’t just bad for your heart, it may also be a major cause of depression and aggression.

    Although it is easier said than done, enlisting the help of leafy greens, fruit and grains into your diet might just fast track your efforts to realising your potential.

    Here are some nutrition tips to help get your brain into gear:

    - Eggs: Rich in the B vitamin choline, a nutrient that has been proven to boost brainpower by speeding up the sending of signals to nerve cells in the brain.

    - Fish: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known to be particularly crucial constituents of the outer membrane of brain cells where all nerve signals must pass.

    - Berries and citrus fruits:
    Rich in complex carbohydrates that reduce the risk of cognitive impairment.

    - Water: Drinking around 2 litres (80 ounces) of water every day reduces stress hormones.

    Share your brain food tips with us…

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  4. Sopheak’s Choice

    Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

    Australia Network’s Nexus program spends a day in the life of one of Geraldine Cox’s remarkable Sunrise graduates this week and it is an inspirational story.  Sopheak Louch came to the Sunrise orphanage when he was 11 years old, unable to read and write, having never attended school.  Now 19, he is studying in Australia at Adelaide’s prestigious Prince Alfred College and is aiming to attend university.

    Sopheak is a young man who came to Australia to learn, but who has taught those around him so much. 

    You can watch his story by going to Geraldine’s achievers page and selecting the Video story about Sopheak from the play list (it’s item 4).  A transcript of the story is also available on the Nexus website.

    Sopheak is a genuine example of someone who is realising their potential … watch his story and tell us your reaction - we’d love to hear your comments.

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  5. Keeping an even keel

    Monday, December 3rd, 2007

    We’ve had some thought-provoking comments about the value of self-belief and the reality of self-doubt in the comments following the ‘believe in yourself’" post.  In Brett Lee’s exclusive ‘achievers’ video interview, Australia’s #1 bowler says career lows are inevitable and the key is to stay positive.   

    "There’s times when you’re down and there’s times when you’re up and that’s what sport is all about and that’s why we love it," he says.  "If you are continually at a high all the time you wouldn’t be challenging yourself, and it wouldn’t be a great game."

    Brett’s strategy is to stay as ‘even’ as possible, not rising too high with the highs, and not falling too far with the lows … I guess that’s what makes him so consistent when he is playing cricket and in his line of work consistency brings success.

    If you want to watch Brett’s interview in full (and download it to play later), go to Brett’s achievers page and select the video extra file.

    And tell our achiever’s community what you think about Brett’s ‘even keel’ strategy, would it work for you?

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