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  2. Writing it down makes it real

    Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

    Kylie Taylor from Taylor and Khoo says one of the things she’s good at is writing lists and in the day to day what I need to do at work sense I am too.  But when it comes to listing my goals I tend to just talk about them - maybe that’s why my New Year’s resolutions are just resolutions and not actions! 

    Thinking about how Kylie and Valerie from Taylor and Khoo are such master goal setters, maybe its time I took a leaf from their book and started writing down my goals as a to-do list that I set deadlines for like any other task.  Perhaps this blog is where we can all start writing our goals for 2008?  So here’s some of mine to begin …

    In 2008 my goal is to have a healthier lifestyle and I’m going to do this by:

    • eating a healthy breakfast every day;
    • drinking more water; and
    • actively exercising every weekend.

    There I’ve committed my goals to a to do list … so what about you?  What are your goals for 2008?

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  3. Talking to yourself?

    Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

    If you find yourself having a conversation with yourself in your head then it may be time to find a mentor. Why would you need one in the first place though? Well, in my experience there is one very good reason - they provide support and stimulate and encourage your ideas. It’s a well known fact that even Albert Einstein had mentors - friends like mathematician, Michelangelo Besso and his wife, Mileva Maric offered stimulation and critique that led to his theory of relativity. 

    When Brett Lee is asked about his mentors he lists his older brother and his father.  Brett like most of us looks to those close to him for guidance and advice, but mentors can also be people you’ve just met.  I’ve had a mentor for the past 6 months and she’s been great at kicking me out of my comfort zone when I’m procrastinating about something.

    See if your workplace offers any formal mentoring programs, if not, ask your local industry organisation or search the internet in your area to see what you can find.  Above all ask others around you, ‘who is your mentor?’ the answers may be surprising!

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  4. Confidence Tricks

    Monday, October 22nd, 2007

    For Imogen Bailey one of the secrets to success is having confidence and she remembers an early teacher telling her to ‘fake it til you make it’ meaning that if you act confident people will think you are confident!  Presenting yourself at your best when facing an important meeting, or interview is just one thing you can do keep that inner voice positive.  Many people swear by having personal mantras or affirmations which they will say to themselves to get into a confident frame of mind.  For me it’s all about smell - I have a range of essential oils which I use that help give me stamina, energy and yes even confidence. 

    It works for me … what works for you?  What are some of your best confidence boosting tricks?

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  5. Believe in yourself!

    Thursday, October 18th, 2007

    "Never give up, never regret and follow your destiny." - Kostya Tszyu.

    These are the words of a winner, a man who has followed his heart and his dreams to the ultimate level of his profession - Boxing World Champion. His ability to believe in his own potential has given him the edge and the endurance to succeed.

    The ability to believe in one’s self is a common attribute of successful people.  All of our achievers have a strong sense of self-belief and that carries through in the way they live their lives. If you don’t believe in yourself and your own potential it makes it very hard to be confident - and confidence is essential for dealing with people.

    I believe that everyone has talent and that by having faith in yourself and your talents, you will reach your goals. One of my goals is to raise my children to have the confidence to pursue their own dreams. The only way I can teach them this is by setting a good example and by showing them that I believe in their potential as well as my own.  It is a great boost to confidence and self-belief when others believe in you too…

    Kostya’s greatest talent is that he is able to see and understand his own potential.

    What’s your greatest talent?

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  6. The art of influencing people

    Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

    Powers of persuasion are invaluable assets for humanitarian Geraldine Cox. She thrives on making the impossible possible, and her success is partly due to her ability to influence key decision makers. Methods of persuasion include appeals to reason such as logical argument, rhetoric, scientific method and proof. Aids to successful persuasion include body language, communication skill and sales techniques.

    Researcher Robert Cialdini describes the ‘Six Weapons of Influence,’ as he calls them, in his book, Influence, Science and Practice (Allyn & Cacon, 2000):

    1. RECIPROCATION - "The Old Give and Take–and Take"
    We are all taught to repay others for what they do for us. Building a sense of reciprocal giving can be a useful tool of persuasion.

    2. COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY - "Hobgoblins of the Mind"
    Once people have made a choice, they put themselves under pressure to behave consistently with that commitment. Getting people to commit to an action will increase the chances of them actually doing it.

    3. SOCIAL PROOF - "Truths Are Us"
    We decide what is correct by noticing what other people think is correct. If you want someone to do something for you, be sure to let them see that many other people are already doing it.

    4. LIKING: "The Friendly Thief"
    People love to say ‘yes’ to requests from people they know and like. Most people are also phenomenal suckers for flattery, even when they know it isn’t true.

    5. AUTHORITY: "Directed Deference"
    Most of us are raised with a respect for authority. You can put this general principle to use by citing authoritative sources to support your ideas. Be sure others know that your education and experience supports your ideas.

    6. SCARCITY: "The Rule of the Few"
    Opportunities seem more valuable when they are less available. The possibility of losing something is a more powerful motivator than of gaining something.

    Robert Cialdini’s ‘Six weapon’s of influence’ have certainly got me thinking. I’m going to be referring back to this post before my next pay review!

    How do you get people to say ‘yes’?

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  7. Your Photos

    Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

    What Gets You Through a Bad Day is the theme of our current photo gallery, have a look at what people have sent us … or upload your own photo >>

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  8. Bloggers

    Tuesday, October 16th, 2007


    ANT our achievers blog leader is like the perfect dinner party host who starts conversations, encourages dialogue, and makes sure everyone is mixing and having a good time!

    The multi-faceted ANT embodies the personality of the Australia Network Team, a dynamic mixture of youth, experience, optimism, energy and versatility with an array of interests and passions. 

    Members of the Australia Network Team will be sharing these interests as they share the role of ANT and we look forward to talking with you about all sorts of topics related to achieving big and small successes in your lives.  Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome!

    Guest Bloggers

    As the achievers community grows and gains momentum we will be inviting guest bloggers to share their knowledge and experience of topics of interest relating to our overall theme of realising your potential.  Amongst them will be some of our profiled achievers, so if you have particular topics you’d like to discuss please give us your suggestions!

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  9. About

    Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

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